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back to '91 where his wife sought a divorce. she wrote, he start add using me, i did not take his gun, but he did not believe me. allman says she was jealous of his new relationship. yesterday morning he was discovered in sunnyvale. >> all three deputies at the scene fired shots and the subject was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the meeting going on inside the town hall is open and it could go two hours, four hours, it is being given to the company by the city of cupertino, take their time and get the job done. david louie is here. if some members of the kaiser family want to talk about what happened up there he will have that tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> >> oakland police have arrested a suspect in a robbery and shooting that left a woman seriously wounded and closed part of 580 for three hours yesterday. a gunman shot a woman in the legs after she refused to give up her purse. the shooter drove off, crashed on the 580 trance ramp and took off on -- on foot. chp searched the freeway causing major traffic delays for hours no word where the
night. >> reporter: police are now telling us it with was a training exercise overnight that they never planned to sweep through this camp. but, everyone thought they were and it created quite a reaction here at justin herman plaza. as soon as word spread that police may be forcing people out of justin herman plaza the crowd here grew significantly. included city supervisors, a state senator and assembly member. demonstrators served as their human microphone as they addressed the crowd. >> do not need a violent confrontation. we look forward to working with everyone tonight. to get the message of occupy san francisco out. >> reporter: it appeared as if san francisco police were gearing up for something big. hundreds of officers were pull in overnight. and seemed to be ready to act on mayor ed lee's order to clear out this plaza because of sanitation and safety concerns. but they never showed up. which occupy sf protesters considered a victory. >> proceeded -- we succeeded in getting government and union support. and we succeeded in resisting police attacks. >> reporter: a police spokesm
they weren't using live ammunition and no one was injured. bullet hole through a second floor window. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: there was plenty to fix at the plaza, urine, feces, graffiti, needles, trash all had to be removed. all reasons why they say the occupies had to end yesterday. one hopes tonight's demonstration is peaceful. >> don't throw stuff. every time you throw stuff and there's a large amount of people they are going to gas us that drives people away. if we could go without getting gassed we take up two to three blocks. >> reporter: mayor quan is expected to talk to the media today. laura anthony is tracking that. nick smith is here ing on the demonstrations. next demonstration is scheduled for 6:00 tonight. -- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> amy hollyfield joins us. you have been trying to find out about the use of force and possibly a response from the oakland mayor, any luck? >> reporter: no luck. we have heard the mayor is back in town. she was in washington, d.c.. she got back late last night. she did not return our calls all morning and hasn't made herself av
uncertain and nervous when we got here telling us we needed to be near something we could duck behind in case he came out shooting. he was last seen in this hp parking lot behind me that is cupertino where he tried to carjack a woman, he shot her, she is in the hospital in fair condition, he didn't get her car, they den know. then he was last seen run -- they don't know why. then he was last seen running across the street into a sunnyvale neighborhood. for several hours been doing yard to yard searches with guns drawn and fingers on the trigger. they don't know for sure he's here. they say they will never know unless they look. they've ordered a shelter in place so residents are in the middle of this. many say it is terrifying. they became involved when they first heard the attempted carjacking in the hp parking lot. some told us they were willing to talk about it, they didn't want give their name. some didn't want to show their face. >> i heard three gunshots. i thought it was a car backfiring. then my wife said cars don't backfire three times. then i thought maybe the transformer ex
, tear gas was used. these pictures show a -- scene now more police protesters at this point. it has been peaceful for the moment. you can see it is crowded and there are pieces of tents in the center of that. it is a little chaotic. let's go to a -- amy hollyfield. >> reporter: good morning. they cleared out the plaza quickly. several hours later police are still here. so are the demonstrators. some here at the barricade watching it they've regrouped and scheduling a rally for 4:00 this afternoon. they say they may have gotten pushed out of the plaza this morning but they are not going away. occupy oakland protesters moved dumpsters in front of their camp's entrance when they heard police would be moving in to clear out their camp. the dumpsters did little to keep police from walking into the tent city 4:30 this morning and start making a rests. >> we had 30 that left on their own without incidents. as the officers moved in we arrested 75 people. >> reporter: early in the confrontation smoke and a chemical fill the air and an officer was overcome. police at the scene said protesters unle
military members have been killed since the u.s. went after saddam hussein and invaded iran during the bush administration. katie is here with more on the troop withdrawal. >> the headline from today was simple all u.s. troops coming hope as scheduled. in his second address to the nation in as many days president obama gave military families a big reason to celebrate the upcoming holidays. an hour ago president obama announced there will be a complete u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq by the end of the year. december 31st 2011 was set as the deadline in 2008. there was talk of leaving a small number of troops in country to help with security. today the president confirmed that will not be the case. >> the president: the last american soldier will cross the boarder out of iraq with their heads held -- border out of iraq with their heads held high knowing the american people stand united in our support for our troops. that is now america's military efforts in iraq will end. >> reporter: the president spoke with the prime minister of iraq. he said they in total agreement moving forward. republic
and foreclosures. amy hollyfield joins us live. >> reporter: protesters feel pleased with what they've done here today. they've managed to shutdown thes with wells fargo branch offices. -- bank customers are not getting in the offices are open. police say some protesters agreed to move away interest those doors. they are blocking the brand. offices. protesters were arrested. wells fargo has not asked them to move the protesters in front of the branch doors. the movement went on the move today with a march straight through the financial district. the hundreds managed to temporarily take over drum street and then sacramento so they could be seen and heard. marching wasn't their main objective today. they were headed to a deck destination, the wells fargo bank on montgomery this is where protesters landed before 8:00 a.m. and cemented -- and settled in for the long haul. >> i would like to get in the building and do my job. >> reporter: instead, well dressed bank employees stood on the sidewalk and batched as protesters expressed their anger towards banks -- >> if you look at banks receiving a 30 b
sweeney joins us with this information. >> reporter: san jose police are saying the person who they shot and killed sunday is a suspect, was a suspect in the killings of two san jose state students. we have video. the two students were shot and the person who was shot and killed sunday by police, was the suspect in their homicides. inside right now chief moore and the district torn rosen talking about the homicide -- and the district attorney rosen talking the homicides. the most recent shooting by police sunday a report of a suspicious person at the parkside terrace apartment complex. confrontation and police shoot and kill the suspect. the chief is expected to announce details on that, including with whether the suspect with was armed. there were only seven shootings by san jose police over two years, sixth year and three fatal. the chief is expected to offer one possible explanation. >> nationwide law enforcement community has seen an increase in officers being assaulted and kill. naturally, that may drive the numbers up. when an officer uses any type of force in their protection, tha
sze is off today. >> amy hollyfield joins us from oakland. before you talk about the strike there appears there is a new victory for the occupiers regarding those medical supplies? >> reporter: right. city officials just returned medical supplies police confiscate last week when they cleared out this camp. not only were they returning the place they were busy responding to a threat to city hall. a threat that turned out not to be credible. an investigation griff action looked like -- aggressive action looked like the last thing on the protesters' mind this morning. but there were was support. people are not being allowed to walk into the front door. a private security firm has guarded throughout the building. the mayor's reception area is locked. a woman who works at the front desk spoke to us through the locked door. occupy oakland was quick this morning to deny plans to take over the mayor's office. >> someone got into our e-mail discussion group and then falsely released a press release saying we planned to sit-in at the mayor's office. it is not true. nothing like that.
the mayor's office she has too many decisions to make about occupy oakland to talk to us specifically about. but amy hollyfield did catch up with her at a separate event. >> reporter: we just wanted to ask you about -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: no comment on why -- why they are being allowed to stay there? >> we are only going to do bay bridge things. >> reporter: mayor quan is is going to find the problem is back again. right back where occupy oakland set up camp more than two weeks ago, 30 tents have sprung up. this man slept without a sleeping bag. many hope to get back to the message. >> i've seen that not everyone in the america has the same chance towards success. the old pull yourself up by your boot straps is bull. >> reporter: the basic demand is that the whole -- >> the basic demand is that the whole system has to be changed from favoring corporations to people. >> reporter: scott olsen is the ex-marine injured tuesday night by a tear gas canister. he's now in fair question. mayor quan visited olsen released a statement saying she apologizes for what happened tuesday night. her a
slashed. >> reporter: he says the police department is overreaching. >> we need to figure out how to use the public space to support people doing occupy sf. because they have a legitimate reason to be protesting. >> the plan is the next 10 months. whatever it takes, we are not going away. this movement is growing this is just the start. >> reporter: there were five arrests overnight, four for people blocking the street, one for battery on a police officer. we tried repeatedly today to get further comment from the san francisco police department on this alleged battery. our calls have not been returned. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> new poll shows san francisco mayor ed lee is on track to keep his interim job. the bay citizen poll shows leedom nating the field three weeks before the election. -- more than 31% say lee is their first choice under the city's voting process. city attorney herrera is second 8.5% and supervisor avellar third. if lee wins he become the first elected chinese-american mayor in a city that is 1/5 chinese-american and 1/3 asian. >>> president obama is pushing congr
and will it be safe? amy hollyfield has been at the scene all morning. she joins us live answers. >> reporter: we are 15, 20 minutes away from the far two lanes on the left opening up. caltrans has inspected the highway and feels confident it is safe to drive on. the far right lanes will be open -- won't be opening yet because they want to repair the guardrail that was damaged. they are hoping that will be completely open by 12, they are not certain at this point this has been a mess to cleanup. the big rig truck was the last of the three vehicles to crash in this chain reaction. it caused the most damage. the truck blocked all four of the southbound 101 lanes and the leaking diesel caught on fire. >> it looked like another vehicle involved in a separate collision which created another collision. >> reporter: the driver of the big rig was taken to the hospital with a woman driving one of the other cars. they are both pecked to be okay. thanks to another woman who ran -- ran to he did had the driver of the truck. >> a good samaritan pull the driver of the big rig from the fire. >> reporter: crews
arrest several occupy protesters during the night. katie marzullo joins us from the scene. the demonstrators are back. are police going after that guy on wall? >> reporter: hi. easy answer to that, no, they are not going to go after him. occupy san jose has been a small group just a handful gathered now. as of early this morning, the protest is on a new level. that is sean sitting or standing on that wall about three stories up. he dodged being arrested last night with four others who were taken away for camping. sean says he's not going to come down until his group is allowed to stay here day and night with the help of a temporary permit. his name is sean o'kelly. as of early this morning he's looking down on fellow occupy san jose protesters from a 60 foot high perch. >> we are standing on top of a mountain now if that snowball stars to roll it going to become an avalanche. >> reporter: she tell us sean has everything he needs and is staying put. police are okay with that, so far. >> we are not going to confront him and precipitate him jumping or falling to evade officer
's where i used to live. i know some of the families next door. i wanted to make sure they were okay. >> don't know the names of the victims yet. their relationship to each other has not been verify. police believe they are related, but not sure how. police also say they phone a third person hiding in the home, a woman in her 30s. she was not injured. they have a witness who can tell them more. we don't know what the motive is. police are still investigating and gathering dna he have. we'll tell you more about that, as that evidence and that information becomes clear, -- once again two elderly people with stab wounds, one with life-threatening injuries. suspect was shot and also has life-threatening injuries. eric thomas, abc7 news. >>> in what is believed to be a bay area first oakland police officer's wearable video has captured footage from an incident in which he shot and killed an armed suspect. september 25th, the officer opened fire in the 9900 block of cherry street after he says the suspect threatened him with a gun. two witnesses say it appears the man was shot while his ha
. the plan going forward is to occupy it for as long as it is available to us and to keep it open for others. >> reporter: security guards went in the hotel this morning and found no one. the guards her the sound of a door alarm suggesting protesters may have left. >> whether they are still occupying or not, i haven't heard this morning. >> reporter: across the street from charlie's hotel we found a group of tourists about to head home to france. they've seen the same thing home. >> these people, i think these people must sleep on the house not on the street. >> reporter: sutter health opens both properties and operates the california pacific medical center which plans a billion dollar facility at the cathedral hotel site. the san francisco police out here. i was talking to a spokesperson they are telling me even though this is going to be a lot of manpower, it is going to cost the city some money these incidents are generally done for publicity and they do not trash the buildings. cathedral hill hotel, going to be a medical facility and charlie's will probably not be trashed. terry mcsweene
expect delays. early indications of what might have again wrong. amy hollyfield joins us from the scene. >> reporter: questions about how the two rains were on the same track going in opposite directions or why they crashed into each other. amtrak released a written statement. in that statement it says nothing about how this happened or what can be done in the future to prevent it. the two trains hit head-on. they were going in opposite directions on the same track. one pulling into the station the other was unloading. >> all of a sudden we hear this big explosion we thought waits a forklift. >> reporter: amtrak described the incident as a low speed crash those who experienced it says it was scary. >> i was on my phone then heard a big crash and didn't know what happened everyone got off the train. a couple people hurt. >> my brother fell off his wheelchair rolled back, got a nick on the face now he's in agony from his neck down to his back. >> reporter: 17 people were hurt. the injuries were minor from bumps and bruises to a broken arm. act tram isn't saying what caused the -- amtrak i
hollyfield joins us with the story. >> reporter: i asked him about that. police told me this -- there have been so many police involved shootings, they fear things are going to get more violent on the streets here. they say 3 to 4,000 parolees will be released in san jose [ inaudible ] the man was shot and killed on hillcrest around 6:00 this morning. officers think his criminal activity started on communications hill, 30 minutes before he was shot. there were reports of gunfire on -- the bullets hit a parked white nissan about 5:30. 6:00 police were called about a suspicious man. >> at that point they contacted a lone male armed with a handgun. officers saw some type of activity that suspect displayed with the handgun that led them to believe they were in danger for their lives. one officer fired striking the suspect. the suspect is deceased as a result. >> reporter: the man was shot and killed in a residential area full of apartment buildings and houses. >> i heard screeching noise and gunshots. and the cop sirens. >> reporter: the crime scene created confusion. the man was shot in front
but terrified. >> that environment was tenable for us. we have our masks air, coats and helmets. for her not so much. >> for me to communicate through my mask, i have you, you are safe. we are going this way. >> reporter: the women were safely outside within 90 seconds. firefighting efforts then began. after 13 years on-the-job this was a first for engineer chris. >> i've been on fires where the victims aren't so fortunate especially this time of the night. >> all the badx4ú2 days you have this makes it worth it. >> reporter: both fire officials and a friend on the scene confirmed that the women are fine. they suffered minor smoke inhalation. as for the cause at this point it appears to be an electrical malfunction in the attic. katie marzullo abc7 news. >> what an amazing story. >>> san jose district attorney just announced the decision on whether he will reopen a controversial rape case against several de anza college students. >> reporter: he has decided not to file charges. the woman who said she was raped is disappointed that the district attorney cannot prove a crime was committed. he pr
could speak at any moment. amy hollyfield joins us from fremont where she just talked to a family from libya. >> reporter: the family was proudly -- proudly has the libyan flag on display. family members stayed home from work they are too distracted, happy and overjoyed. they cannot stop watching the footage about gadhafi's death. the libyan exile didn't believe it until he saw the picture of gadhafi's bloodied body. that's when he really realized the nightmare was finally over. >> it with was a big relief. it has been overdue for 42 years. that's you know not a short time. it is a life. >> reporter: he came to the united states for college in 1974. once he graduated he wanted to return home but realized he couldn't because of gadhafi's rule. his family is still there. during his reign gadhafi took over his parents' business and threw his brother in prison. >> at within time he criticized the government -- at one time he criticized the government and they an used -- they accused him of trying to revolt against gadhafi and put him six years in prison. >> i have hate for him. iÑivéu de
. allman is accused of killing three people yesterday. terry mcsweeney joins us with more. a lot of unanswered questions about the case right now. >> reporter: there are. the search for sharif all man ended -- for shareef allman ended. according to the sheriff's office this ended 7:20 this morning when a deputy on routine patrol spotted him in a driveway. this is an area which yesterday was declared safe by law enforcement. a number of south bay police agencies are confirming the man shot to death by deputies is in fact 47-year-old sharif william all -- sharif all man. >> deputies had an encounter with the man in this area and shots were fired. the person that they encountered is dead. his physical description is very similar to the suspect we were seeking yesterday. >> reporter: there had been an intense manhunt for allman since he opened fire yesterday in the plant where he worked and had reportedly been angered by his move to the night shift. he walked into a meeting and opened fire, killing three and wounding six. two hours later he shot a woman after attempting a carjacking
'm cheryl jennings. building buzz is when apple is going unveil the new iphone? >> amy hollyfield joins us from outside the big event where the new chief executive is on stage now. >> reporter: great timing ladies. minutes ago he announced the brand new iphone 4. he says it looks the same as the iphone 4 but very different inside. he's going over the details now. not only has everyone been focused on what he was going to launch, but how? we are in cupertino instead of downtown san francisco. they are not life streaming online like they usually do. and of course a key person is missing, steve jobs. >> good morning. this is my first product launch since being named ceo. i'm sure you didn't know that. [ laughing ] >> it is a pleasure to host you today. i love apple. i consider it the privilege of a lifetime to have worked here almost 14 years. i'm very excited about this new role. >> reporter: cook taking over for jobs making his debut here today at this big launch. he the first hour talking apple's successes. he's definitely making everyone wait for the big announcement. he has bragged about
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21